What hardwood floor finishes can I have?

What wood flooring finishes can I have?

Struggling to decide on what finish to have?
Hopefully below this will help explain the differences and a couple of advantages and disadvantages
of each.


For the most natural finish and classic finish then this may be the choice for you.
The oiled finish gives a smooth texture to any hardwood floor while providing some protection from
any spills, or scuffs. For the best results, we at Woodfloors4u recommend a hard wax oil which provides the best protection for an oiled finished floor.  To repair minor scratches you can simply wipe a small amount of oil over the affected area.

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Are you looking for a floor you can put have down with very little maintenance? This finish is for you, a lacquered finish is completely smooth with generally 7 layers of UV lacquer applied and seals the wood surface completely. It has a glossy look and provides the best protection for the real wood floor.
Spills or any accidents just sit on top and can be wiped away even after hours of sitting. However, there is a slight disadvantage as appose to an oiled finish floor whereby if scratched, there is a much longer process to repair the defect.

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Achievable on both a lacquered or oiled finish, this process is accomplished simply by passing each plank through a brushing machine. It provides a slightly rough but subtle texture to the hardwood floor and gives a more natural feel underfoot. The brushed finish brings the grains out of the hardwood and provides a more realistic texture to the wooden floor.

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For a more of a unique look to the floor than the standard classic or rustic finishes, this would be a vintage/antique finish. With carefully selected boards showing cracks and knots the outcome of this particular finish gives an aged and mature look to the floor finish.
This again can be combined with the brushed and oiled finishes to emphasise the natural beauty of the solid wood floor.

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Pretty self-explanatory this one…
A solid or engineered wooden floor that has been sanded or cut resulting in an unfinished board ready to be finished with any of the above. The advantage of this is being able to choose the stain and particular finish of your choice.

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