Natural oak 125mm brushed & matt lacquered DIY wood flooring

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Actual Area (sq m) 1.8
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Natural oak 125 brushed and oiled flooring the perfect choice for rooms of all sizes, our Natural Oak Brushed & Matt Lacquered wood flooring brings light and warmth in equal measure once installed. When you are looking for wood flooring that offers outstanding durability, but which doesn’t compromise on style, Natural Oak is the ideal choice. Its light colour and natural features are brought to life further with brushing and lacquering techniques that ensure the wood grain and every knot and whorl in the wood stand out. This is a wood that will look as much at home in the modern apartment as it does in a traditional farmhouse setting.


Plank Width125mm Corporate-Logo
Plank LengthRandom Lengths
FinishNatural, Brushed & Matt Lacquered
ConstructionEngineered Plank, Mirco-Bevelled Edges, DIY Packs
ProfileTongue & Groove
Warranty20 years (Residential)
Underfloor HeatingYes Suitable


Natural oak 125

Engineered wood flooring consists of two or more layers of wood adhered together to form a plank. Typically, engineered wood flooring uses a thin layer (lamella) of a more expensive wood bonded to a core constructed from cheaper wood. The increased stability of engineered wood is achieved by running each layer at a 90° angle to the layer above. This stability makes it a universal product that can be installed over all types of subfloors above, below or on grade. Engineered wood is the most common type of wood flooring in Europe and has been growing in popularity in North America


Tongue-and-groove  One side and one end of the plank have a groove, the other side and end have a tongue (protruding wood along an edge’s center). The tongue and groove fit snugly together, thus joining or aligning the planks, and are not visible once joined. Natural oak 125 tongue-and-groove flooring can be installed by glue-down (both engineered and solid), floating (engineered only), or nail-down (both solid and engineered).


Floor finishes

Brushed and oiled – Steel brushes are used in the direction of the grain which opens up the surface of the wood and removes splinters. The wood is then oiled.


Oil – Oiled floors have existed for several thousand years and is the most common floor finish used globally. Oils used for floor finishing are natural drying oils of vegetable origin that are not to be confused with petroleum based oils and contain no VOCs. Pre-finished oil floors can be UV cured.

Lacquered – Lacquered floors tend to be more durable and resilient to scratching, the lacquer provides a flat and smooth finish to the wood flooring.


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