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Solid wood flooring come in a wide range of dimensions, styles, and thicknesses, with each plank milled from a single piece of solid timber. Solid wood floors were originally used for structural purposes known as bearers and joists, in most constructions. Modern day construction techniques rarely use solid oak flooring anymore for this reason but more for its appearances and decorative finish. Let’s us not forget wooden floors have been in use for centuries. Many of King Henry’s castles or hunting lodges still have these subfloors in use to date proving oak has been a favorite of even kings and queens.

Our latest ranges constantly change with new finishes and colours following the latest trends and styles, as designs are constantly changing with people’s tastes. Our current ranges include fired oaks which are smoked in a fuming chamber for up to 14 days to achieve a character timeless floor. These ranges consist of multiple processes which are more labour involved. Each plank is selected by hand with some ranges like our antique or hand scraped floors being finished & crafted by hand, not machines.