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  • Aqualine 3mm Underlay

    Our Aqualine underlay is specifically designed for flooring installations where excess moisture could be present or migrate. The installations where excess moisture could be present or migrate. The dense lightweight foam material has the addition of a laminated damp proof membrane (DPM). This together with an overlap of 10cm to create a water tight seal of protection.

    Aqualine proves to protect against moisture migration and can be used when floating a floor.

    £34.99 Inc Vat
  • MS650 Adhesive Sausages 12 x 1Kg

    Rewmar MS650 is a Gun grade MS Polymer flexible flooring adhesive that is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. It has a stiffer formulation than MS600 as it is designed to be used for applications where a higher ridge formation is required. It can be used as liquid batten or in conjunction with the slotted mat to form part of the ‘acoustic system’. One sausage can cover approximately 1.6m² @ 150mm centres. It is packaged in boxes containing 12 number 600ml sausages and two nozzles.

    £79.99 Inc Vat
  • Silverline 3mm Underlay

    Our Silverline underlay is a high performance rubber underlay incorporating a foil back vapour barrier to prevent moisture migration. created to withstand heavy foot traffic.

    Sliverline is highly recommended when using a floating installation method as it offers the best combination of comfort and support coupled with sound and thermal insulating properties.

    £47.99 Inc Vat
  • Tover Tovcol MS Start

    Tovcol MS Start Mono-component silane-modified adhesive is a flexible flooring adhesive that is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. The 15kg product will cover approximately 1m² per Kg of adhesive. It is packaged in one tub ready to use.

    £78.99 Inc Vat
  • Treatex Colour Tones 2.5L

    Wood doesn’t always match the other colours in our home. Don’t fret, change the colour of interior timbers with our range of colour tones. Treatex Hardwax Oil is available in the following colours

  • Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear 2.5L

    Protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood with Treatex Hardwax Oil. Using over 40 years of experience in the timber and wood finishing industries our Hardwax Oil was developed to be user friendly, quick drying, easy to maintain but above all to provide a hard wearing and attractive finish. Treatex Hardwax Oil is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials: jojoba oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax. Suitable for all types of internal joinery including floors, stairs, doors, furniture and kitchen worktops.

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No matter what type of flooring you choose, it is essential that you choose good quality accessories that ensure your wood flooring is installed to perfection and that gives you that impressive final finish. That is why our accessories range has everything you need to prepare, fit, finish and maintain your look so that your wood flooring stays looking its best for many years to come.

From underlay and adhesives, we offer a range of accessories online and at our showroom. Choosing the right underlay is essential and we have a variety of products to suit every installation. Our Aqualine underlay, for example, is specifically manufactured with dpm properties and acoustic values like many of our products we try stock the best. Installing a wood floor in areas of heavy foot traffic? Our Silverline underlay is designed to withstand the impact often experienced in these areas while also offering excellent sound and thermal insulating properties.

Want to change the colour of your timber? Our colour oils will not only alter the colour, but also enhance the grain and knots deep within every plank coupled with our hand finishing service to match your b spoke floor.